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Re-creating. Value.

Volvox re-creates value by re-viving „fallen angels“ and „hidden treasures“ from the shelves of other pharmacompanies.

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By building a mostly virtual company and collaborating with highly motivated professional freelancers we ensure constant high quality while keeping the overhead costs low.

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Tailored portfolio for investors.

Volvox´ successful approach and company structure enables investors to invest their equity in a targeted, individually tailored way in the compound that is the best fit for their investment strategy.

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Volvox Therapeutics is a private virtual biotechnology development company focusing on generating, creating and re-creating value from „fallen angel“ and „hidden treasure“ compounds that have fallen off development or lost their priority status due to issues occurring during early development stages.

Our strategy to achieve this goal is based on three main pillars:

Virtual company approach: In the past many biotech companies were build up as large organizations with a considerable head count. In many cases this leads to a lack of flexibility and prolonged decision making processes. In our approach we are building a virtual company and will only use permanent employees for the main strategic positions and for Volvox´ key competences. This enables us to act quickly and to seize compelling opportunities as soon as they arise.

Tailored portfolio for dedicated investors: Most biotech companies have two or more compounds in development. Investors who evaluate this portfolio in the end will have to decide if they invest into all compounds or not at all. Volvox innovative company structure allows investors to keep full control on their investment and to make an informed decision in which compounds they want to invest. They can leave those, that do not fit to their strategy, aside and do not participate to the risk of those compounds.

Development focused on future customers: Of course drugs are developed for patients and according to their unmet medical needs. However, many pharmaceutical companies neglect in early stages of development the requirement for a market access strategy. We are also very early focussed on potential future collaboration partners and will streamline our development towards these potential partners.